(A)   No yard or other open space shall be reduced in area or dimension so as to make the yard or other open space less than the minimum required by this chapter, and if the existing yard or other open space is less than the minimum required, it shall not be further reduced.
   (B)   No required yard or other open space allocated to a building or dwelling group shall be used to satisfy yard, other open spaces or minimum lot area requirements for any other building.
   (C)   The following shall not be considered to be encroachments on yard requirements:
      (1)   Chimneys, flues, leaders, sills, pilasters, lintels, ornamental features, mechanical devices, cornices, eaves and gutters, provided they do not extend more than two feet from the dwelling;
      (2)   Yard lights and name plate signs for one- and two-family dwellings in the R-1 and R-2 Districts, lights for illuminating parking areas, loading areas or yards for safety and security purposes, provided the direct source of light is not visible from the public right-of-way or adjacent residential property, and may be located to within five feet of the front lot line;
      (3)   Terraces, steps, uncovered porches, stoops or similar structures, which do not extend above the height of the ground floor level of the principal building or extend more than two feet from any lot line, or extend more than six feet from the principal structure;
      (4)   Bay windows not to exceed a depth of two feet nor to contain an area of more than 20 square feet, nor more than two feet from any lot line;
      (5)   Rear yard only: balconies, breezeways, detached outdoor picnic shelters and recreational equipment, except as regulated hereinafter;
      (6)   Egress window wells that are not more than two feet from any lot line; and
      (7)   Traffic directional signs, street name signs or other signs which have been authorized and erected by a government body.
   (D)   Through lots in any district shall have a required front yard on each street.
   (E)   In any R District, if a lot in question is adjacent to and within the same blockfront as two lots with an average front yard setback that is either greater than or less than the minimum front yard setback requirements for the district, then the required front yard setback for the lot in question shall not be less than the average front yard setback of the two existing front yards. The depth of a front yard setback shall not be less than ten feet.
   (F)   Within the B-2 District, side yard setbacks may be modified to permit party walls. Party walls, where constructed as a part of a joint simultaneous development involving two or more buildings, may be built with no side yard requirement, subject to the granting of a conditional use permit by the City Council.
   (G)   Attached decks shall be considered part of the principal structure and shall conform to applicable setbacks.
(Ord. passed 10-11-1963)