(A)   Purpose and intent.
      (1)   This subchapter governs the time, place and manner of holding certain special events on city streets, on city property and on private property when an event’s impact upon the health, fire, law enforcement, public safety, transportation or other services exceeds those regularly provided to that property.
      (2)   This subchapter is intended to promote the health, safety and welfare of all residents and visitors of the city by ensuring that special events do not create disturbances, become nuisances, a menace or threaten life, health and property, disrupt traffic or threaten or damage private or public property.
      (3)   It is not the intent of the City Council by enacting this subchapter to regulate in any manner the content of speech or infringe upon the right to assemble, except for regulating the time, place and manner of speech and assembly and this subchapter should not be interpreted or construed otherwise.
   (B)   Definitions. For the purpose of this subchapter, the following definitions shall apply unless the context clearly indicates or requires a different meaning.
      APPLICANT. Any person or organization who seeks a special event permit to conduct or sponsor an event within the city.
      PERMITTEE. A person to whom a special event permit is issued.
      SCHOOL. An institution or place for instruction or education where 25 or more persons receive a full course of educational instruction with an organized body of teachers associated for pursuit and dissemination of knowledge.
      SPECIAL EVENT. An event involving 300 people or more including: any concert, parade, fair, show, festival, carnival, rally, party, filming of a movie, video or television show, motorcade, run, street dance, bike-a-thon, race, walk, athletic event, combative sport contest, or other attended outdoor entertainment or celebration that is to be held in whole or in part upon publicly owned property or public right-of-way, or, if held wholly upon private property, will nevertheless affect or impact the ordinary and normal use by the general public of public property or public rights-of-way within the vicinity of the event.
(2001 Code, § 1017.01)  (Ord. 10-15, passed - -)