§ 150.044  SUMMARY ACTION.
   (A)   Emergency. When the conduct of any owner or owner’s agent, representative, employee or lessee, or the condition of the rental dwelling or rental dwelling unit, or the property in or on which it is located, is detrimental to the public health, sanitation, safety and general welfare of the community, or residents of the rental dwelling or rental dwelling unit so as to constitute a nuisance, fire hazard or other unsafe or dangerous condition and thus give rise to an emergency, the Building Official has the authority to summarily condemn or close individual rental dwelling units or areas of the rental dwelling as the Building Official deems necessary.
   (B)   Notice. Notice of summary action will be posted at the units or areas affected and will describe the units or areas affected. No person shall remove the posted notice, other than the Building Official or a designated representative.
   (C)   Appeal. Any person aggrieved by a decision or action of the Building Official to condemn all or part of a rental dwelling shall be entitled to appeal to the Council by filing a notice of appeal with the City Manager. The Manager must schedule a date for hearing before the Council and notify the aggrieved person of the date.
(2001 Code, § 435.17)  (Ord. 06-16, passed - -; Ord. 11-12, passed - - ; Ord. 15-09, passed 9-14-2015)