§ 150.038  EXEMPTIONS.
   This subchapter does not apply to the following:
   (A)   Hotels
   (B)   Motels
   (C)   Hospitals
   (D)   State-licensed residential care facilities
   (E)   Assisted living facilities
   (F)   Nursing homes
   (G)   High school dormitories
   (H)   Single-family homes or duplexes in which the owner resides within a portion of the building and there are a total of no more than three unrelated persons within the owner’s dwelling unit. If the building is a duplex, only that portion of the building in which the owner resides is exempt. The other portion of the duplex requires a rental license.
(2001 Code, § 435.07)  (Ord. 06-16, passed - -; Ord. 08-25, passed - -; Ord. 08-26, passed - -; Ord. 15-09, passed 9-14-2015)