Application for a permit is made to the Clerk on forms furnished by the city. Incomplete applications will be returned to the applicant.
   (A)   Application contents. The application must contain the following information:
      (1)   Description of the building, work or activity to be performed;
      (2)   Description of the site where the building, work or activity will be performed, by lot, block, tract, house and street address, or similar description that will readily identify and locate the site;
      (3)   Description of the nature and extent of the building, work or activity;
      (4)   Valuation of the costs of the proposed building, work or activity;
      (5)   Other information that the Building Official or other duly authorized persons may require under the city code; and
      (6)   Declaration that the facts and representations made in the application are true and correct. The person, office or agent of a corporation applying for the permit must sign the declaration.
   (B)   Permit fee.
      (1)   Establishment. Permit fees are established by City Council resolution.
      (2)   Payment. The city must collect all permit fees and other fees and charges in the city code or any Council resolution before the City Clerk, Building Official or other duly authorized persons may issue any permit.
      (3)   Investigative fees. Except as otherwise specifically provided in the city code, if a person begins building, work or any activity of any kind for which a permit from the city is required or continues to do work after a permit has expired without having secured or renewed the necessary permit, the person must, when subsequently obtaining the permit, pay an investigative fee equal to twice the permit fee as provided by the Building Code.
(2001 Code, § 1015.05)  (Ord. 10-11, passed - -)