(A)   Grounds for denial, suspension or revocation. The City Council may deny, revoke or suspend a license for violating a provision of this chapter or for any of the reasons enumerated in § 110.12(A). In addition, the City Council shall impose a civil penalty for each violation pursuant to the city's fee schedule.
   (B)   Notice. Notice must be provided pursuant to § 110.12(D)(1).
   (C)   Hearing. A hearing will be conducted pursuant to § 110.12(D). It is not necessary that criminal charges be brought in order to support a determination of a license violation nor does the dismissal or acquittal of such a criminal charge operate as a bar to adverse license actions under this chapter.
   (D)   Final decision. Following the hearing, the Council may deny, revoke, suspend or not renew the license for the retail establishments or may grant or continue the license upon such terms and conditions as it deems reasonable and necessary to accomplish the purposes of this chapter. The decision by the City Council following a hearing is final.
   (E)   Non-exclusive remedy. Enforcement actions provided in this chapter are not exclusive, and the Council may take any action with respect to a licensee, employee or the retail establishments as is authorized by the city code, state or federal law.
   (F)   Re-application. Upon revocation of a license, the owner must re-apply for a new license and comply with all the provisions of § 113.03.
(2001 Code, § 1190.15)  (Ord. 10-18, passed - -; Ord. 20-008, passed 7-27-2020)