(A)   In addition to the grounds stated in § 110.06, no license will be granted to or held by any person or management who:
      (1)   Is a manufacturer of 3.2% malt liquor or is interested in the control of any place where 3.2% malt liquor is manufactured; or
      (2)   Is or during the period of the license becomes the holder of a federal retail liquor dealer’s special tax stamp for the sale of intoxicating liquor at any place unless there has also been issued to him or her a local license to sell intoxicating liquor at that place; or
      (3)   Is not the owner of the establishment for which the license is issued; or
      (4)   Owned an interest of more than 5% of the corporation, partnership, association, enterprise, business or firm applying for the license and who has had an intoxicating liquor license revoked in any jurisdiction within five years of the license application.
   (B)   Manufacturers.MANUFACTURER means a manufacturer or distiller of intoxicating liquor, or anyone interested in the ownership or operation of any such place, or a person operating a licensed premises owned by a manufacturer, distiller or exclusive wholesale distributing agent unless such interest was acquired at least six months prior to January 1, 1934. No equipment or fixtures in any licensed premises may be owned in whole or in part by any manufacturer or distiller.
(2001 Code, § 1200.05)  (Ord. 15-11, passed 11-9-2015; Ord. 20-013, passed 8-17-2020)