(A)   Residential license. No person may haul, collect or transport rubbish from residences, other than the person’s own residence, within the city without a residential hauler’s license pursuant to Chapter 110. The following conditions shall apply to all residential licenses:
      (1)   No more than four residential licenses shall be granted. If the number of licenses meets or exceeds the permitted number of licenses on the effective date of this section, no additional licenses shall be approved. Existing licenses may be renewed; however, should a license not be renewed, or if the license is revoked or lapses, the license shall not be reinstated until the number is reduced to four;
      (2)   In January of each year, licensees must submit an annual reporting to the city indicating the following information for the previous year:
         (a)   The number of customers for each tier or type of service offered;
         (b)   The average number of customers collected each day of collection by type of service; and
         (c)   The tons of material collected for mixed municipal waste, recycling, yard waste and any other types or forms of material collected;
      (3)   With the license application, the applicant shall submit a billing template that identifies the service tiers and a narrative as to how they handle the collection of bulk, hazardous waste and specialty items;
      (4)   Collection days for mixed municipal waste, recycling and yard waste is limited to Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday on non-holiday weeks. Monday and Friday collections are only permitted on holiday weeks of New Years, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving and Christmas;
      (5)   Licensees shall impose charges for collection of mixed municipal solid waste that increases with the volume or weight of the waste collected; and
      (6)   Licensees shall not impose a greater charge on residents who recycle than on residents who do not recycle.
   (B)   Commercial license.
      (1)   No person may collect, haul or transport rubbish or refuse from any multiple-family residence, business or industry, other than the person’s own, or collect, haul or transport discarded construction materials or similar rubbish or refuse from any site, other than the person’s own, without a commercial refuse hauler’s license, pursuant to Chapter 110.
      (2)   The Council may impose conditions to the license at any time for cause or violations of any of the conditions of this section.
(2001 Code, § 600.03)  (Ord. 18-17, passed 10-22-2018)