(A)   License required. It is unlawful for any person to engage in the business of selling legal fireworks at retail without first receiving a license for the sale of legal fireworks issued by the City Council as provided in this section.
   (B)   Definition.LEGAL FIREWORKS means wire or wood sparklers of not more than 100 grams of mixture per item, other sparkling items which are nonexplosive and nonaerial and contain 75 grams or less of chemical mixture per tube or a total of 500 grams or less for multiple tubes, snakes and glow worms, smoke devices or trick noisemakers, which include paper streamers, party poppers, string poppers, snappers and drop pops, each consisting of not more than twenty five hundredths grains of explosive mixture.
   (C)   Application for license. A person desiring a license under this section must file an application therefor with the Clerk and deposit with the Clerk the fee set by City Council resolution. The application shall be on a form established by the Clerk and shall require the business name, the business phone number, the address of the property at which the business is to be conducted and other relevant information as may be required by the Clerk.
   (D)   Conditions of license. The license shall be issued subject to the following conditions.
      (1)   The licensee shall be 18 years or older on the date the permit application is submitted to the Clerk.
      (2)   The license is non transferable, either to another person or location.
      (3)   The license must be publicly displayed on the licensed premises.
      (4)   The premises must be in compliance with the State Building Code and State Fire Code.
      (5)   The premises shall comply with National Fire Protection Association Standard 1124 (most recently adopted edition).
      (6)   The premises shall be inspected and approved by the South Metro Fire Department prior to issuance of the license, and the licensee shall pay the required inspection fee.
      (7)   During the license term, the premises shall be subject to inspection by city employees, law enforcement and the South Metro Fire Department during normal business hours.
      (8)   During the license term, the licensee shall maintain insurance in the types and amounts listed in § 110.03.
      (9)   All applicable zoning requirements are met.
(2001 Code, § 1125.17)  (Ord. 12-29, passed - -)