(A)   Excavating.
      (1)   Definition. For purposes of this section, the term EXCAVATING has the following meaning:
         (a)   To grade or partial grade private property, in the process of which grading earth is moved to a location other than the premises being graded; or
         (b)   To remove or hollow out earth for the purpose of erecting a building.
      (2)   Permit required. No person shall engage in the business of excavating in the city without a permit pursuant to Chapter 32.
      (3)   Conditions of the permit.
         (a)   Before performing any work, an excavator must adequately protect all walks, curbs, boulevards and streets and upon the completion of the excavation, the excavator must immediately restore all walks, curbs, boulevards and streets to their former conditions.
         (b)   Hours of operation shall comply with § 133.01(G).
         (c)   The city may make inspections as necessary to determine that walks, curbs, boulevards, and streets, have been repaired and cleaned of refuse and debris caused by any excavation work. If cleaning and repairing has not been done, notice will be given to the permittee by registered mail. If the permittee fails to repair or clean the walks, curbs, boulevards or streets within ten days after notice, the city will perform the work and the expense will be charged against the permittee.
   (B)   Compliance with §§ 150.035 through 150.046. The evaluator must comply with all applicable provisions of §§ 150.035 through 150.046 related to rental dwellings.
(2001 Code, § 1115)  (Ord. 07-01, passed - -; Ord. 12-13, passed - -)