§ 110.11  INSPECTIONS.
   (A)   An applicant or license holder must permit Health Officials, representatives of the Police Department, Fire Department, licensing staff and Building Department to inspect the licensed premises of a business for the purpose of ensuring compliance with the law, at any time it is open and occupied for business.
   (B)   For certain businesses, a pre-license inspection may be required, in which case, the appropriate city official will make arrangements for an inspection.
   (C)   Pre-license inspections are required for the following licenses:
      (1)   Sexually oriented businesses;
      (2)   Dangerous dogs;
      (3)   Intoxicating liquor;
      (4)   Massage therapy business; and
      (5)   Special animal permits (see § 90.04(B)).
(2001 Code, § 1005.23)  (Ord. 11-44, passed - -)