License renewals are issued in the same manner and subject to the same conditions as a new license application.
   (A)   Renewal date. Licensees must submit their applications for renewal of their licenses at least 60 days prior to their expiration. Failure to submit a renewal application by the expiration date means there is no guarantee of the license being renewed. Thirty days after its expiration, the license will be considered terminated.
   (B)   Exception. The renewal date application deadline does not apply to licenses issued for work performed in or on city streets or sidewalks pursuant to a contract with the city or contractors who do not perform work continuously in the city, who need only obtain a license prior to commencing any work.
   (C)   If a timely submission of a renewal application is made by an applicant in good standing, but the City Council does not act upon the application prior to December 31, then upon written authorization by the city, the applicant may continue to operate until the City Council considers the renewal application.
(2001 Code, § 1005.09)  (Ord. 17-10, passed 7-24-2017)