(A)   Procedure. Upon its own motion, or upon petition of a majority of abutting landowners, with a vote of four of its members, the City Council may vacate any street, alley or public right-of-way within the city. The vacation must be adopted by ordinance.
   (B)   Petitions. Petitions must give a full statement of facts, contain a plat of the property in question, be verified by at least one petitioner, be accompanied by satisfactory proof of title to the property, and include the filing fee set by the city.
   (C)   Notice. Notice of the hearing will be mailed to abutting property owners one week prior to the hearing. The notice must also be published in the official newspaper for one week prior to the hearing.
   (D)   Recommendations. The City Council may secure recommendations from public officials, commissions, private individuals and may authorize payment for advisory services regarding the vacation.
   (E)   Costs. Upon granting any vacation, the City Council may require payment of all costs of the proceedings to compensate the city for its costs, and may impose any additional conditions deemed desirable in the public interest.
   (F)   Rights preserved. No vacation prevents the city’s right or the right of any other individual or organization from later coming upon the property to repair or attend to lawfully established public utility installations, or to continue to keep and use lawfully established public utility installations on the property.
   (G)   Filing. After granting any vacation, the city may execute and deliver a quitclaim deed documenting the vacation.