(A)   Information required. Each registrant and permittee must provide “as built” mapping information in accordance with state rules and in a format acceptable to the city, providing the following:
      (1)   The location of all of its underground and above ground facilities and their appurtenances in the public right-of-way, identified by:
         (a)   Offsets from property lines, distances from the centerline of the public right-of-way and from curb lines and other reference points as requested by the city; or
         (b)   Coordinates derived from the coordinate system being used by the city; and
         (c)   Approximate depth of facilities.
      (2)   The type, quantity and size of the facilities;
      (3)   A dimensional description of aboveground appurtenances;
      (4)   A legend explaining symbols, characters, abbreviations, scale and other data shown on the map;
      (5)   The information in divisions (A)(1) through (A)(4) above also for restoration work; and
      (6)   The information in divisions (A)(1) through (A)(4) above also for abandoned facilities that remain in place.
   (B)   Submittal requirements.
      (1)   Within six months after the adoption of this subchapter, all public right-of-way users that own or control facilities within public rights-of-way within the city on that date must submit the detailed mapping including restoration data in accordance with this section for all facilities located within the public rights-of-way. Following initial mapping, all right-of-way users must by April 1 of every year submit either:
         (a)   Detailed mapping for all new facilities and restoration located within public rights-of-way in the city during the preceding calendar year; or
         (b)   Certification that no new facilities and restoration were installed.
      (2)   At the request of any public right-of-way user, information required by the city that qualifies as “trade secret” data under Minnesota law will be protected accordingly.
   (C)   Service laterals. The holder of a permit for the installation or repair of service laterals, other than minor repairs as defined in Minnesota Rules, must establish the horizontal locations of installed service laterals and, when the Director reasonably requires it, the vertical locations of service laterals. Permittees or their subcontractors must submit this information to the Director in a form reasonably satisfactory to the Director within 30 days after completion of the work. Failure to provide prompt and accurate information on the service laterals installed may result in the revocation of the permit issued for the work or the denial of future permits to the offending permittee or its subcontractors.
(Ord. 17-13, passed 11-27-2017)