(A)   The city may deny a permit for failure to meet the requirements and conditions of this subchapter or if the city determines that the denial is necessary to protect the health, safety and welfare or when necessary to protect the right-of-way and its current use.
   (B)   Any denial of a right-of-way or small wireless facility permit must be made in writing and must document the basis for the denial. The city must notify the applicant in writing within three business days of the decision to deny the permit. If a permit application is denied, the applicant may cure the deficiencies identified by the city and resubmit its application. If applicant user resubmits the application within 30 days of receiving written notice of the denial, no additional filing or processing fee shall be imposed. The city must approve or deny the revised application within 30 days after the revised application is submitted.
(Ord. 17-13, passed 11-27-2017)