§ 95.25 PERMIT FEES.
   (A)   Establishment. Permit fees will be established to recover the city management costs and, when applicable, restoration costs. The permit fees are set in the fee schedule. No permit fee will be required for an obstruction or excavation permit issued to the city, although the city must be allocated its full portion of the city management costs in calculating the permit fees.
   (B)   Payment required. No permit will be issued unless the applicable permit fee has been paid.
   (C)   Work without a permit. Except as otherwise provided in § 95.31, a person who obstructs or excavates in the right-of-way before obtaining a permit must pay double the normal fee for the permit.
   (D)   Non-refundable. Permit fees are not refundable.
   (E)   Application to franchises. Unless otherwise agreed to in a franchise, management costs may be charged separately from and in addition to the franchise fees imposed on a right-of-way user in the franchise.
(Ord. 17-13, passed 11-27-2017)