(A)   General rule.
      (1)   Sidewalks. The owner or occupant of any property adjacent to a public sidewalk must use due diligence to keep the entire sidewalk free from environmental hazards and safe for pedestrians. No owner or occupant may allow ice or snow to remain on the sidewalk longer than 12 hours after its deposit. Ice and snow remaining on a public sidewalk longer than 12 hours is a public nuisance.
      (2)   Trails. The city or county will clear ice and snow from all trails.
   (B)   Notice. The city will serve notice upon the owner and occupant ordering that the ice and snow be removed within 24 hours. Notice must be served pursuant to Chapter 94.
   (C)   Removal and assessment. Following service of the notice, if the owner or occupant fails to comply, the city may remove the nuisance and assess the costs pursuant to Chapter 94.
   (D)   Deposit on public street. It is unlawful for any person to deposit or cause to be deposited snow from private property or right-of-way onto a public street.
(2001 Code, § 810.07)  (Ord. 17-06, passed 6-12-2017)