(A)   General rule. The owner and occupant of any property abutting public sidewalks must keep the sidewalk in repair and safe for pedestrians. Failure to do so is considered a public nuisance. The Public Works Director will make periodic inspections to determine that public sidewalks are kept in repair and are safe for pedestrians.
   (B)   Notice. The Public Works Director will serve notice upon the owner and occupant ordering that the sidewalk be repaired within 30 days. Notice must be served pursuant to Chapter 94. No repair may be performed until the city issues a permit for the work.
   (C)   Removal and assessment. Following service of the notice, if the owner or occupant fails to comply, the Public Works Director will notify the City Council and request that the City Council order the repair. The City Council may assess the costs pursuant to Chapter 94.
(2001 Code, § 810.05)