(A)   General rule. 
      (1)   No structures/features, fences, walls, posts, trees, bushes, or any other plant life other than grass shall be allowed to grow, extend, be placed, replaced, planted, replanted, or any combination thereof, over, into and/or within any alley. The above listed provisions shall not prohibit planting, replanting, and/or maintenance of plantings or landscaping in the boulevard, pursuant to Chapter 96 of this code.   
      (2)   The owner and occupant of any property are responsible for the maintenance of the grass and grounds of the property. Any weeds, whether noxious or not, growing upon any lot or parcel of land outside the traveled portion of a street or alley, which are greater than eight inches or which have gone or are about to go to seed, are public nuisances.
   (B)   Notice. The Weed Inspector will serve notice upon the owner and occupant ordering that the weeds be cut and removed within 48 hours. Notice must be served pursuant to Chapter 94.
   (C)   Removal and assessment. Following service of the notice, if the owner or occupant fails to comply, the city may remove the nuisance and assess the costs against the current occupant, pursuant to Chapter 94.
(2001 Code, § 810.01) (Ord. 18-15, passed 10-8-2018)