It is unlawful for any person in a park to:
   (A)   Use threatening, abusive, insulting, obscene or indecent language; or to act in an indecent, lascivious or improper manner; commit any nuisance; appear nude; or do any act that constitutes a breach of the public peace;
   (B)   Misuse park property in one or more of the following ways: in a manner that it was not designed or intended for; in a manner that would likely cause damage or injury to the person using the property, the property itself or others on or near the property; or in a manner that is disruptive or offensive to other park users or person;
   (C)   Prevent or hinder usage of park equipment by children and their chaperones;
   (D)   Disturb, harass or interfere with any park visitor or park visitor’s property;
   (E)   Deposit, scatter, drop or abandon any bottle, can, broken glass, cigarette butts, sewage, waste, trash, rubbish or other material, except in receptacles provided for such purpose;
   (F)   Possess glass beverage bottles or glass beverage containers;
   (G)   Gamble or participate in any game of chance unless it is part of an organized Department of Parks and Recreation event;
   (H)   Drop, throw or otherwise leave unattended, lighted matches, burning cigars, cigarettes, tobacco, paper or other combustible materials;
   (I)   Play the game of golf, engage in putting, practice swinging or the striking of any golf balls or other objects in any park, except at a designated golf course or training facility;
   (J)   Remove any wildlife, living or dead from a park. Any wildlife removed from a park or taken contrary to the provisions of this section or state statutes is considered contraband and subject to seizure and confiscation; and/or
   (K)   Impersonate any city employee or interfere with, harass or hinder city employees in the discharge of their duties.
(2001 Code, § 825.09)  (Ord. 08-03, passed - -)