(A)   Declared. The following activities and conditions are declared to be public health nuisances:
      (1)   Any act done or committed by any person, or any substance or thing kept, maintained, placed or found in or upon any public or private place which is injurious or dangerous to the public health;
      (2)   Any pursuit followed or act done by any person causing hurt, injury, annoyance, inconvenience or damage to the public;
      (3)   Any vacant, unattended or defective property likely to cause harm to person or property;
      (4)   Any pond or pool of stagnant water upon any premises, and any foul or dirty water or liquid when discharged through any drain, pipe or spout, or thrown into or upon any street, thoroughfare or premises to the injury and annoyance of the public;
      (5)   Any obstruction caused or permitted on any street or sidewalk to the danger or annoyance of the public, and any stones, dirt, garbage, filth, slop, vegetable matter or other articles thrown or placed by any person on or in any street, alley, sidewalk or other public place or on any premises or any stream of water within the city which in any way may cause or is liable to cause any injury or annoyance to the public;
      (6)   Any cellar, vault, private drain, pool, privy, septic tank, sewer or sink, upon any premises permitted to become nauseous, foul, offensive or injurious to the public health;
      (7)   The placing, depositing or throwing, or causing to be placed, deposited or thrown of any rubbish, garbage, trash, dead animals or any other kind of waste materials, on any sidewalk, street, parkways, road shoulders or other public places, or on any private lots or premises in the city in such manner and extent as to render it unsightly, unclean or unsafe;
      (8)   The abandonment, neglect or disregard of any premises so as to permit the premises to become unclean, with an accumulation of litter, weeds or waste upon the premises, or to permit the premises to become unsightly, unsanitary, obnoxious, a blight to the vicinity, or offensive to the senses or users of the public way abutting the premises, and to continue for a period longer than ten days;
      (9)   Any violation of this chapter that endangers the health of the public if continued;
      (10)   Anything that is injurious to health, indecent or offensive to the senses, or an obstruction to the free use of property that interferes with the comfortable enjoyment of life or property; and
      (11)   Any public health nuisance defined by the law.
   (B)   Abatement of public health nuisance.
      (1)   The Council or the Police Chief may order the owner, occupier or creator of any public health nuisance to remove the nuisance pursuant to Chapter 94.
      (2)   If the nuisance is not remedied within ten days from the order, the city may abate the nuisance pursuant to the process in Chapter 94 and assess the costs accordingly.
(2001 Code, § 600.01)