(A)   General rule. A person may keep up to the following number of farm or other small animals without a permit:
      (1)   Six hen chickens (no roosters); or
      (2)   If not chickens, then two farm animals; or
      (3)   Two Vietnamese pot-bellied pigs; or
      (4)   Two animals deemed similar by the Police Chief.
   (B)   A person may keep more than the allowable number of the aforementioned animals if:
      (1)   The property upon which the animals are kept is greater than five acres, and there is at least 350 feet between the animal enclosure and a residence; or
      (2)   A special permit is approved by the Council pursuant to § 90.04(B).
   (C)   Stables.
      (1)   Construction. Every stable, building or enclosure where any animal is kept will be constructed of material and in a manner that allows it to be kept clean and sanitary.
      (2)   Proximity to residences. Every stable or other building occupied by authority of a special permit will, if located within 200 feet of any apartment, hotel, restaurant, retail food store, school, religious or hospital purposes, or residences other than those occupied by the owner or occupant of the premises upon which the animals are kept, be provided with a water-tight and fly-tight receptacle for manure of such dimensions as to contain all accumulations of manure. The receptacle must be emptied sufficiently often and in such manner as to prevent it from becoming a nuisance. The receptacle must be kept securely covered at all times except when open during the deposit or removal of manure or refuse. Manure must not be allowed to accumulate outside the receptacle.
      (3)   Screening; sanitary conditions. The Council or Health Officer may, in order to avoid a nuisance, require that any stable or other building where any animal is kept be screened tightly against flies, and that it be provided with running water, drain sewer connection, flooring impervious to water, and that measures be taken as may be necessary to ensure proper protection to public health and safety, as conditions precedent to the issuance of any special permit.
   (D)   Small animal shelters; proximity to certain uses. A chicken coop, dove cote, dog kennel facility (which is a facility designed to contain more than three dogs), rabbit warren or other yard or establishment where small animals or fowls are kept, must not be maintained closer than 25 feet from any apartment, hotel, restaurant, boarding house, retail food store, building used for school, religious or hospital purposes, or residence other than occupied by the owner or occupant of the premises where the creatures are kept and must be set back ten feet from any property line.
   (E)   Cleaning animal shelters. All structures, pens, coops or yards where animals or fowls are kept or permitted to be, must be maintained in a clean and sanitary condition, devoid of all rodents and vermin, and free from objectionable odors. The interior walls, ceiling, floors, partitions, appurtenances of all the structures must be whitewashed or painted annually or as often as the city directs. The city, upon the complaint of any individual, will inspect any structure or premises and issue any order as may be necessary to carry out the provisions of this section.
(Ord. 17-10, passed 7-24-2017; Ord. 20-012, passed 8-17-2020)