(A)   At large. A person owning or harboring any vicious, dangerous or diseased animal must not permit such animal to run at large within the city. If the animal cannot be impounded after a reasonable effort, or cannot be impounded without serious risk to the person attempting to impound the animal, it may be immediately killed.
   (B)   Bites. Any animal that has bitten a person will immediately be impounded for at least ten days and kept apart from other animals until it is determined whether the animal has rabies. Impounding may be by the owner and need not be by the city, but if it is not by the city, the owner must notify the city and must furnish proof in writing that the animal is being impounded. On expiration of the ten days, if the animal does not have rabies, it may be released and the city must be notified just prior to the release. If the animal is impounded by the city, the animal may be reclaimed upon payment of the impound fee. Any animal that has been bitten by a rabid animal or believed to have been exposed to rabies must be impounded and kept in the same manner and for the same period of time.
(2001 Code, § 905.11)