(A)   Definition. An animal is RUNNING AT LARGE if it:
      (1)   Is not effectively contained within a fenced area; or
      (2)   Is on any unfenced area or lot abutting a street, alley, public park, public place or upon any other private land without being effectively restrained by chain, leash or an electronic pet containment device from moving beyond such unfenced area or lot; or
      (3)   Is on any street, public park, school grounds or public place without being effectively restrained by chain or leash.
   (B)   General rule. The license holder, owner or keeper of any animal will be responsible for the effective restraint of the animal and must not permit the animal to run at large.
   (C)   On owner’s premises. When an animal is on its owner’s premises, it will be considered to be within the effective direction, supervision and control of the owner.
   (D)   Impounding. Any officer or any person duly authorized by the city may capture and seize any animal found running at large within the city contrary to the provisions of this section.
   (E)   Redemption. Any animal seized and impounded may be redeemed by any person producing a license or proving ownership by a statement in writing within five days after such seizure and impounding and by paying the impound fee, plus any additional boarding costs, redemption fees, license fees or special call-back services costs incurred by the city by the impoundment and, upon presentation of payment, the city will release the animal to the owner. If the animal is unlicensed, a license must be obtained before it may be released. If the owner of the seized or impounded animal under the provisions of this section does not reclaim possession of the animal in compliance with the foregoing provisions within five days after the seizure or impounding, the owner will forfeit all right of property in the animal.
   (F)   Interfering with enforcement. A person must not interfere with any city official, animal control officer or police officer while engaged in performing work under the provisions of this section.
   (G)   Disposition of unclaimed animals. At the expiration of five days from the time the animal is impounded as provided for in this section, if the animal is not reclaimed according to the provisions in this section, it will be the duty of the city to dispose of the animal in a humane manner and according to law.