(A)   License required. All dogs and cats over four months of age, kept, harbored or maintained by their owner within the limits of the city must be licensed and registered as provided in this section. All owners must complete an application provided by the City Clerk and pay a license fee set by City Council resolution. This section does not apply to dogs used by police departments.
   (B)   Vaccination required.
      (1)   The applicant for a dog or cat license must show a current rabies vaccination certificate that a doctor qualified to practice veterinary medicine has vaccinated the animal against rabies, and that the effective period of the vaccination has not expired at the time the license is issued.
      (2)   The vaccine must be of a type approved and authorized for use by the United States Department of Agriculture.
   (C)   Tags. Upon payment of the license fee, the City Clerk will issue the owner a license certificate and a metallic tag for each animal licensed. The tag will have stamped on it a number corresponding to the number on the license certificate.
   (D)   Collar. Every owner of a dog or cat required to be licensed will be required to provide the animal with a collar to which the license tag must be affixed, and the collar with tag attached must be worn by the animal at all times.
   (E)   Duplicate tags; transfer. In the event an animal tag is lost or destroyed, a duplicate will be issued by the City Clerk upon presentation of the proof of a paid license and upon payment for the duplicate license. Tags are not transferable from one animal to another, and no refunds will be made on any license fee.
(2001 Code, § 905.01)