(A)   Definition.SNOWFALL means a new accumulation of snow of two and one-half inches or more. The National Weather Service will measure snowfall accumulation.
   (B)   Declaration of emergency. Whenever in the opinion of the City Engineer or the Chief of Police an emergency exists in the city, or in a section or sections thereof, because of snow, freezing rain, sleet, ice, snowdrifts or other natural phenomena that create, or are likely to create, hazardous road conditions impeding, or are likely to impede the free movement of fire, health, police, emergency or other vehicular traffic, or the safety and welfare of the community, the City Engineer or the Chief of Police may declare an emergency to exist for a period of 72 hours, but the emergency may be sooner terminated if conditions permit. Notice of the emergency shall be given by press, radio or television, which news media shall be requested to cooperate with the city officials and shall constitute due and proper notice.
   (C)   Snow emergency routes designated. The following streets are snow emergency routes:
      (1)   Annapolis Street;
      (2)   Bernard Street;
      (3)   Butler Avenue;
      (4)   Charlton Street;
      (5)   Delaware Avenue;
      (6)   Dodd Road;
      (7)   Emerson Avenue;
      (8)   Marie Avenue;
      (9)   Mendota Road;
      (10)   Moreland Avenue;
      (11)   Oakdale Avenue;
      (12)   Stryker Avenue;
      (13)   South Robert Street;
      (14)   South Smith Avenue;
      (15)   Thompson Avenue; and
      (16)   Wentworth Avenue.
   (D)   General rule. No vehicle may be parked or left unattended after 2:00 a.m. on any street designated as a snow emergency route after any snowfall. Unless further restricted by posted sign, parking may be resumed on streets immediately after they have been plowed of snow.
   (E)   Other streets and improved alleys. No vehicle may be parked or left unattended between 8:00 a.m. and 8:00 p.m. on any other street or improved alley after any snowfall until the street or improved alley has been plowed of snow. After plowing, parking may be resumed, unless further restricted by posted signs.
   (F)   Towing. Any vehicle parked in violation of this section may be towed off the street by the city at the owner’s expense.
   (G)   Exception. If any street is not plowed within 48 hours after the last snowfall or after the emergency has been terminated, it is not a violation of this section to thereafter park a vehicle on the street.
(2001 Code, § 1310.01)  (Ord. 06-15, passed - -)