(a)   Each meeting of a Council committee shall have written minutes prepared containing sufficient facts and information to permit the general public to understand and appreciate the rationale behind the committee’s decision and shall be signed by the chairman. At the request of a member of the committee, their written minority opinion shall be included in the official minutes. The chairman or their designee will submit such minutes no later than the second regular Council meeting following the committee meeting and Council shall, after discussion of the minutes by the committee chairman, vote on the reception of such minutes. The committee minutes will be part of the official record of the Council meeting at which they are accepted by Council and shall be available to the public at the next regular Council meeting after they are submitted to the Clerk of Council. Any Council member at a Council meeting can demand that the minutes be read at the Council meeting. (Ord. 1996-173. Passed 4-3-97.)
   (b)   The committee to which a matter has been referred for report and recommendation of approval or disapproval of the subject matter shall submit its report and recommendation within sixty days from the time that it is referred by the President of Council, unless the time has been extended by Council. The failure of the committee to submit its report and recommendation within the time limit shall be considered to be a recommendation of approval by the Committee, and Council may proceed accordingly.
(Ord. 1973-54. Passed 5-17-73.)