At the second meeting of Council in January 1, 1979, and each ten (10) years thereafter, a Charter Review Commission of eleven (11) members shall be appointed.
   The Commission shall consist of six (6) members to be appointed, one from each ward by the ward Council Member, who shall reside within their ward, one member appointed by Council President, one member appointed by the Director of Law and three members appointed by the Mayor, for a total of eleven (11) members. Commission Members must be a resident of the City of Westlake for at least eighteen (18) months prior to appointment. The Chairperson shall be selected by the Commission from its members by majority vote.
   The Commission shall review the Charter and submit all recommended changes or alterations to Council for its consideration for submission to the electorate by the first meeting in February of the following year. Council shall review the recommendations of the Charter Review Commission and approve or disapprove each individual recommendation. Council thereafter shall submit to the electors the recommended changes or alterations it has approved, pursuant to Article XVIII, Section 9 of the Constitution of the State of Ohio.
   The members shall serve without compensation unless otherwise provided by ordinance. The Council shall provide appropriations for a clerk, and sufficient funds to operate the Commission. (Amended 11-4-80; 11-3-20.)