Commencing with the tax list and duplicate for the year 2021 and for a period of five years thereafter, the taxing authority of the City may levy in each year a tax in an amount not to exceed in each such year (nine-tenths of one mill) 0.9 mill for each dollar of assessed valuation upon all property in the City assessed and listed for taxation according to value for the purpose of providing funds to pay for the salaries and other expenses of the Police and Fire Departments. This amount of taxes in each year so levied pursuant to this section shall not be subject to the limitations on the rate of taxation provided in this Charter and shall be in addition to any taxes levied by Council pursuant to any provision of this Charter or the general laws of the State of Ohio. This tax may be renewed only upon approval by the affirmative vote of a majority of the electors voting thereon. (Amended 11-3-15; 11-3-20.)