(a)   Bidding Required. Each net expenditure by the Municipality exceeding the greater of the current statutory limit prescribed by the statutes of the State of Ohio or an amount annually established by Council by ordinance, shall be made to the lowest, most responsible and most responsive bidder, after public advertising in a manner prescribed by City Council. City Council shall not be required to accept any bid.
   (b)   Waiver of Requirement. The Council, by majority vote, may authorize expenditures exceeding the financial limitations established in paragraph (a) above without public advertising in the following specific cases: acquisition, sale, lease or other disposal of real estate; discharge of non-contractual claims against the Municipality; for personal service agreements; for the joint use of facilities with other political subdivisions; for the products or services of public utilities; in situations where the Council has determined that the vendor or supplier is the sole source of the product or service to be purchased; and in the event of an emergency or catastrophe to protect the public health, safety, welfare and property.
(Amended 11-7-00.)