(a)   Neither the Council, the Mayor, any Board, including Boards of Appeal, or Commissions, appointed pursuant to this Charter, or any ordinance or resolution, whether proposed by Council or by initiative petition, or otherwise, of this Municipality, nor any other agent, employee, person or organization acting for or on behalf of this Municipality, by whatever authority or purported authority, shall by ordinance, resolution, motion, proclamation, statement, legislative or administrative action, or variance effect a change in:
      (1)   the zoning classification or district of any property or area in the City of Westlake to allow multi-family dwellings thereon;
      (2)   or grant any zoning classification or variation which would increase the density permitted on any property in any residential district;
      (3)   or grant a zoning classification or variation or conditional use which would permit commercial development consisting of establishments for retail sales, commonly known as shopping developments, by whatever name called, consisting of thirty (30) acres or more. In computing the acreage for purposes of this provision, the computation shall include contiguous land which is already zoned for shopping center development;
unless the change or grant, after its adoption in accordance with applicable administrative or legislative procedures, is approved at a regularly scheduled general election of the Municipality, State of Ohio or County of Cuyahoga, by a majority vote of electors voting thereon.
(Amended 11-7-00.)
   (b)   This amendment shall be severable and, if any section, subsection, part, word or application thereof is held invalid for any reason, such holding shall not invalidate or affect the force and effect of any other section, subsection, part, word or application thereof.
(Amended 5-8-84.)