(a)   General Duties. The Department of Purchasing shall be headed by the Director of Purchasing who shall make all purchases of supplies for the City. The Director of Purchasing shall contract for, purchase on specifications, store and distribute all supplies required by the City. The Director of Purchasing shall be responsible for the inspection of all supplies and determine quantity, quality, and conformation to specifications. The Director of Purchasing shall sell any equipment or supplies not needed for public use or that have become obsolete. When an expenditure of the City for the purchase of supplies is required by this Charter to be let by bids, the Director of Purchasing shall advertise for, receive, open, and present all bids to Council.
(Amended 11-2-65; 11-3-20.)
   (b)   Limitation on Purchases. The Director of Purchasing shall make no purchases except on authority of requisitions submitted by a department head and approved by the Mayor. Before any funds may be expended, the Director of Finance shall first certify that the City has sufficient funds to cover the purchase and that such funds have been lawfully appropriated or authorized.
(Amended 11-2-65; 11-3-20.)
   (c)   Inventory. All department heads shall submit to the Director of Purchasing annually an inventory of all municipal property in their care or control. It shall not be necessary to place valuations on the items in such inventory.
(Amended 11-6-90.)