The Council may provide by ordinance for the procedure for the passage and amendment of any zoning ordinance, the maps and regulations thereof, and the publication of notice and public hearing thereof, provided that the minimum notice of the time and place of such public hearing shall be published in one of the following two ways:
   i.   Published once a week for two (2) consecutive weeks in a newspaper of general circulation in the City; or
   ii.   Published by posting in a conspicuous location at a public building such as a public library in the City or City Hall, or similar;
   and additionally shall be published electronically:
   iii.   On the City of Westlake internet web site; and
   iv.   By way of electronic social media notification or similar electronic notification as may be more specifically determined by City Council.
   In the event it is proposed to re-zone or re-district ten (10) or fewer parcels of land, as listed on the tax duplicate, then, in addition to the newspaper notice hereinbefore provided, notice of the time and place of such public hearing shall be given by first class mail, postage prepaid, ten (10) days before such hearing, to the record title holders of the property within or immediately adjacent to, adjoining, abutting on or directly across the street from such parcel or parcels. Record title holder shall mean the title holder of such property as disclosed by the records of the Auditor of Cuyahoga County, thirty (30) days immediately prior to the date of such public hearing. If the mailing address of such record title holder cannot be reasonably ascertained then the aforesaid newspaper notice of such hearing shall be deemed adequate notice. Nothing herein provided shall be construed as limiting the power of the Council to increase such notice requirements. (Amended 11-2-65; 11-3-20.)