(a)   Attendance at Council Meetings. The Mayor shall be an ex-officio member of Council and shall sit with that body, with the right to introduce ordinances, resolutions and motions and discuss all matters coming before Council. The Mayor shall not have a vote in Council. The Mayor may require whatever department heads or other officials the Mayor has appointed to attend Council meetings and provide advice and opinions as may be requested by the Mayor or Council. (Amended 11-3-20.)
   (b)   Execution of Documents. The Mayor shall sign, on behalf of the Municipality, all contracts, conveyances, evidences of indebtedness and all other instruments to which the Municipality is a party.
   (c)   Veto. If the Mayor approves any ordinance or resolution, the Mayor shall approve it within ten (10) days after its passage or adoption by the Council. The Mayor may veto any ordinance or resolution passed by Council. The Mayor may approve or disapprove the whole or any item or part of any ordinance or resolution appropriating money, but otherwise the Mayor’s approval or disapproval shall be addressed to the entire ordinance or resolution. In case of a veto, the matter shall be returned to Council with a statement in writing by the Mayor of the Mayor’s objections, which shall be entered into the official journal. Council shall vote on such ordinance or resolution not later than the second regular meeting after receipt of such veto. Council may override the Mayor’s veto by a two-thirds (2/3) vote of all Members and upon receiving such an affirmative vote, the ordinance or resolution shall then take effect as if it had received the signature of the Mayor. If any ordinance or resolution shall not be signed or vetoed by the Mayor within ten (10) days after passage, it shall become effective as if the Mayor had signed it on the last day of said ten-day period. (Amended 11-2-10; 11-3-20.)
   (d)   Enforcement of Contracts. The Mayor shall see that all terms and conditions imposed in favor of the Municipality or its residents in any franchise or contract to which this Municipality is a party are faithfully kept and performed.
   (e)   Reports. Reports and advice of all appointed officials, as provided elsewhere in this Charter, shall be submitted first to the Mayor for the Mayor’s written approval.
(Amended Nov. 2, 1965.)
   (f)   Ceremonial Duties. The Mayor shall be recognized as the official and ceremonial head of Government by the Governor for military purposes and by the courts for the purpose of serving civil processes.