(a)    Every sign or other advertising structure, including supporting materials, in existence upon adoption of these regulations, that does not conform to the provisions herein, shall be allowed to continue to exist but shall not be altered, or replaced except in conformance with the provisions of these regulations, and only upon the review and approval of the appropriate person or body as indicated in this Code, except that signs that are damaged to fifty percent (50%) or less of the current fair market value may be restored to their former condition.
   (b)    Any conforming or nonconforming sign and supporting materials existing which no longer advertises a bona fide business, or which no longer serves the purpose for which it was intended, or which is erected or maintained in violation of these sign regulations shall, within thirty days of business termination or the time such sign becomes obsolete or not properly erected or maintained, be removed by the property owner, building owner/tenant or business owner. Signs which are not so removed are hereby declared to be a nuisance subject to abatement by the City.
   (c)    If the Property Maintenance Officer finds that any sign or other advertising structure is a nuisance, or has been constructed or erected or is being maintained in violation of the provisions of this Code, notice shall be given in writing by the Property Maintenance Officer to the property owner. If the property owner fails to remove or alter the structure so as to comply with the provisions herein set forth within thirty days, unless a shorter period of time is set forth in Section 1223.18, after such notice, such sign or other advertising structure may be removed or altered to comply with these regulations at the expense of the property owner.
   (d)   Failure to comply with an abatement order shall result in the Property Maintenance Officer having authorization to cause removal of such sign and supporting material. Any expense incidental to this removal shall be paid by the owner of the property upon which said sign is located. Failure to pay the cost for such removal shall result in a lien upon the premises, which lien shall be filed with the Office of the Cuyahoga County Fiscal Officer, to remain a lien of record, until paid. The lien shall accrue interest at the maximum rate permitted by Ohio law prior to payment. (Ord. 2019-127. Passed 5-21-20.)