All signs shall be maintained in accordance with the following standards:
    (a)    The property owner, building owner/tenant, and business owner are required to maintain the sign in a condition fit for the intended use and in good repair, and such entity, person or persons have a continuing obligation to comply with all Building Code requirements.
      (Ord. 2019-127. Passed 5-21-20.)
   (b)    A sign in good repair shall be free of peeling or faded paint, shall not show uneven soiling or rust streaks; shall not have chipped, cracked, broken or bent letters, panels or framing; shall not otherwise show deterioration; and shall comply with all other applicable maintenance standards of the City.
   (c)    The Property Maintenance Officer may order any sign to be painted or refurbished at least once a year, if needed, to keep the sign in a safe and nonblighted condition.
    (d)    If the sign is deemed by the Property Maintenance Officer to be not in good repair or in an unsafe condition, such sign shall be considered an unsafe structure and all City regulations applicable for the repair or removal of such sign shall apply.
    (e)    Whenever any sign, either conforming or nonconforming to these regulations, is required to be removed for the purpose of repair, relettering, or repainting, the same may be done without a permit, or any payment of fees, provided there is no alteration or enlargement to the structure, mounting, color, or illumination of the sign itself, and the sign is accessory to a legally permitted or nonconforming use. (Ord. 2002-47. Passed 5-2-02.)