All signs not expressly permitted under this Code or exempt from regulation hereunder in accordance with the previous section are prohibited in the City. Such signs include, but are not limited to:
    (a)    Animated signs, including mechanical, LED or video, as well as exposed light bulbs and strings of lights not permanently mounted to a rigid background, except those exempt under the previous section; and other similar features;
    (b)    Balloons used as advertising devices;
   (c)   Banners, except as temporary signs with a permit;
   (d)   Exposed Neon and LED Signs except as specifically approved as described in Section 1223.07 (h); "outline lighting" of buildings, roofs, or windows is prohibited;
    (e)    Mansard signs, unless the sign is attached to a vertical sign fascia wholly below the eave of the mansard and parallel to the surface of the exterior wall that supports the mansard;
   (f)    Pennant/Streamers;
   (g)    All Freestanding Signs (Monument Signs or Pole Signs) over eight feet in height;
      (Ord. 2007-83. Passed 6-21-07.)
    (h)    Portable Signs except as permitted under Section 1223.04(g);
      (Ord. 2009-109. Passed 2-18-10.)
   (i)    All Roof Signs;
   (j)    Searchlights and spotlights used as advertising devices;
   (k)    Signs that obstruct required windows or doors or fire escapes or interfere with other safety provisions as may be further regulated in the Building Code;
   (l)    Signs obstructing street sight lines of traffic control lights or signs at street intersections, or signs obstructing street sight lines or signals at railroad crossings or signs containing any words or symbols that would cause confusion because of their resemblance to highway traffic control or directional signals;
   (m)    Three dimensional or inflatable objects on a roof or pole;
   (n)    Paper posters applied directly to a wall, building, pole, or other support.
      (Ord. 2007-83. Passed 6-21-07.)