The following signs shall be exempt from regulation under this Zoning Code, except as specified in this section:
   (a)    Any public notice, warning, or traffic sign required by a valid and applicable federal, state, or local law, regulation, or ordinance;
   (b)    Traffic signs on private property which conform to the Ohio Manual of Uniform Traffic Control of the Ohio Department of Transportation;
   (c)   Required public purpose/safety signs as needed to achieve the intended public purpose and which contain no commercial message of any sort;
   (d)    Address numbers not to exceed 2 square feet in area;
   (e)    Any sign inside a building, not attached to a window or door, that is not legible from a distance of more than three feet beyond the building in which such sign is located;
   (f)    Matter appearing on or adjacent to entry doors including "Push", "Pull", "Open", or "Closed" signs, not exceeding 1 square foot in area per establishment;
   (g)    Matter appearing on windows or doors to retail or service establishments denoting hours of operation, credit cards accepted, and similar information, not exceeding a cumulative total of one square foot in area per establishment;
   (h)    Works of art that do not include a commercial message;
   (i)    Religious and other seasonal lights and decorations containing no commercial message when displayed during the appropriate time of the year;
      (Ord. 2002-47. Passed 5-2-02.)
   (j)    Flags of the United States, the State, the City, foreign nations having diplomatic relations with the United States, and any other flag adopted or sanctioned by an elected legislative body of competent jurisdiction. These flags must be flown in accordance with United States Code Title 4 Chapter 1 - The Flag. The height of such flags and poles shall not exceed thirty-five feet in residential districts and in nonresidential districts not greater than the maximum building height permitted in the respective district if detached or attached to a building;
   (k)    The maximum dimension of any flag shall be proportioned to the flagpole height, subject to the following schedule:
Maximum Flag area
(in square feet)
Up to 15'
Greater than 15' to 20'
Greater than 20' to 25'
Greater than 25' to 35'
Greater than 35' to 45'
Greater than 45' to 60'
Greater than 60'
      (Ord. 2007-83. Passed 6-21-07.)
   (l)    Vehicles regularly and customarily used to transport persons or property for a business, parked so that they are not visible from the public right-of-way;
   (m)    Memorial signs less than 4 square feet in area and all monuments within a
      (Ord. 2002-47. Passed 5-2-02.)