(a)   "Structure" means anything built or erected, including, but not limited to, buildings, shelters, stadia, reviewing stands, bandstands, display stands, bleachers, booths, swimming pools, skating rinks, platforms, towers, bridges, trestles, frameworks, bins, fences, barriers, poles, tanks above or below ground and signs. "Structure" also means the supporting framework thereof and appurtenances thereto.
   The term "structure" does not include trailers and other vehicles whether on wheels or other supports.
   (b)   "Building" means a structure which is permanently affixed to the land, having one or more floors and a roof, being bounded by either open spaces or lot lines and which is used as a shelter or enclosure for persons, animals and/or property. This term shall be used synonymously with "structure" unless otherwise noted, and shall be construed as if followed by the words "part or parts thereof."
   (c)   "Main structure" means the structure or space occupied by the chief use or activity on the premises.
   (d)   "Accessory building" means a subordinate building located on a lot containing a main building and the use of which is customarily incidental to that of such main building.
   (e)   "Building line", synonymous with "setback", means a line established by this Zoning Code, generally parallel with and measured from a front lot line, defining the limits of a front yard in which no building or structure above ground may be located, except as otherwise provided herein.
   (f)   "Completely enclosed building" means a building separated on all sides from the adjacent open space or from the other buildings, and which is enclosed by a permanent roof and by exterior walls or party walls, pierced only by windows and doors.
   (g)   "Detached building" means a building surrounded by open space.
   (h)   "Basement" means a story or space with a floor level more than two feet below adjoining ground but having less than half its clear height below adjoining ground.
   (i)   "Cellar" means a space having half or more than half of its clear height below adjoining ground.
   (j)   "Story" means that portion of a structure between the surface of any floor therein and the surface of the floor next above or if there is no floor above, that portion of a structure included between the surface of a floor and the surface of the ceiling next above.
   (k)   "Half story" means a story under a gabled, hipped or gambrel roof, the wall plates of which on at least two opposite exterior walls are not more than two feet above the finished floor of such story.
   (l)   "Seat" means a facility installed or indicated for the seating of one adult person, and includes each twenty lineal inches of benches, pews or space for loose chairs or similar seating facilities.
(Ord. 1969-169. Passed 7-16-70.)
   (m)   “Structure height” means the vertical distance measured from the average finished grade level to the highest point of a structure unless otherwise specified. The average finished grade level is the average of finished ground elevations at the center of all walls of the building, established for the purpose of regulating the number of stories and the height of the building.
(Ord. 2023-6. Passed 4-20-23.)
   (n)   "Satellite receiving dish" means a parabolic shaped antenna and receiving equipment oriented toward a fixed orbit satellite for receiving and processing RF (radio frequency) signals.
(Ord. 1984-5. Passed 9-6-84.)