A drainage system shall be designed and constructed by the developer, as required for the district in which the proposed subdivision is located, for the proper drainage of the surface water of the subdivision and each lot as follows:
   (a)   Enclosed Storm Sewer.  An enclosed storm sewer system shall be provided and connected to an existing storm sewer system, drainage ditch or other waterway, as determined by the Director of Engineering.  The system shall have a capacity to serve the subdivision and drainage area of which it is a part.  The system shall include pipes, culverts, manholes, catch basins, drain inlets and a connection for each lot.
   (b)   Open Drainage System.  Subject to the approval of the Planning Commission, the developer may rechannel any watercourse through his property in order to contain the storm drain flow within a lesser width.  The developer may be required to deed in fee, dedicate or grant an easement to the City for a drainage channel not less in width than required by a plan or standards adopted by the City or as directed by the Director.  The developer shall be responsible for clearing the drainage way of all debris as a condition of acceptance. The Director shall determine the proper cross- section, grade, width of channel and horizontal alignment.
   (c)   Design Standards.  The drainage system shall be designed in accordance with standards of the Director of Engineering or the County Engineer.  Whoever has jurisdiction, in accordance with the Engineering Design Manual for Sanitary Sewerage and Drainage Facilities published by the Regional Planning Commission, the February, 1952, edition.
      (Ord. 1964-62.  Passed 7-16-64.)