(a)   One-Family Subdivisions.
      (1)   Block lengths shall be planned to average 1,500 feet, and shall not exceed 1,800 feet or be less than 800 feet unless approved by the Planning Commission. A cul-de-sac street shall not exceed 500 feet in length. However, the Commission may permit a length not exceeding 1,000 feet if the parcel cannot be subdivided otherwise.
      (2)   Block widths shall be planned to accommodate two tiers of lots, except that a single tier of lots may be required by the Commission to separate a residential development for major streets, adjoining nonresidential land uses and unusual topographic or natural features. A planting screen of at least ten feet in width with no right of access may be required along the lots abutting such a major street or nonresidential land uses.
         (Ord. 1964-62. Passed 7-16-64.)
      (3)   Means of access. Any subdivision or street proposed to contain more than twenty-five dwellings thereon, or any street or extension thereof, proposed to exceed 1,000 feet in length, shall have a minimum of two permanent means of access, one from each direction. Such permanent means of access must be a dedicated public street(s) constructed to the street standards of Section 1129.08 and have at least two intersections with one or more major or secondary street(s). (Ord. 1995-178. Passed 12-21-95.)
   (b)   Multi-Family, Business or Industrial Subdivisions. Blocks for multi-family, business or industrial subdivisions shall be adequate to accommodate the building sites and provide the yards, service drives, off-street parking and other required facilities. In a multi-family development a public or private cul-de-sac street shall not exceed 500 feet in length.
   (c)   Partial Blocks. If the site of a proposed subdivision is of such limited dimensions as would result in a partial block with some fractional or odd-shaped lots, the Commission may develop a local street plan and request the developer to incorporate the subdivision into the plan. All lots that cannot be conforming as to depth or other zoning regulations shall be retained by the developer and shall not be approved as a building site or recorded as a separate lot.
   (d)   Pedestrian Ways. Pedestrian ways of not less than a ten-foot right of way may be required across blocks exceeding 1,500 feet in length or at the end of cul-de-sac streets for access to schools, playgrounds, bus stops or to other public facilities where convenient pedestrian circulation has not been provided by streets.
(Ord. 1964-62. Passed 7-16-64.)