No person shall make or cause to be made any connection to any water line or storm or sanitary sewer within the City, involving excavation of any kind upon, through or under any portion of a street, road, sidewalk, tree lawn or other public property within the City, nor shall any person remove, cut or lower any street curb, unless a permit therefor has first been secured from the Director of Engineering.  To cover the cost of inspection of such excavation, a fee not to exceed the City's costs shall be deducted from the deposit required in Section 901.03, except that in cases where aprons are being added to service existing development or existing drives are being widened, the following fee schedule will apply:
   (a)   New Curb Cuts.
         Minimum fee   $50.00
         Fee, per foot of curb   2.00
   (b)   Curb Cut Widening.
         Minimum fee   25.00
         Fee, per foot of curb   2.00
(Ord. 1992-71.  Passed 4-16-92.)