(a)   Posting of prices as required in Section 715.01 shall include the type and grade of gasoline sold or offered for sale at retail on the premises. Posting, within the meaning of this section, shall be deemed accomplished where there is one sign twenty-two inches by twenty-eight inches attached to a pole sign of not more than two signs, twenty-two inches by twenty-eight inches placed on top of the gas pumps at each island of pumps. The signs shall be of a permanent nature, constructed from durable material, either wood, plastic or metal. The signs shall be clear, visible and legible to motorists traveling the streets and roadways immediately adjacent to the gasoline station. The signs shall have numerals of a minimum height of six inches. No commodity other than gasoline shall be advertised on the signs permitted in this section.
   (b)   The requirements for posting signs specified in Section 715.01 shall in no way be considered to be in violation of Part Twelve - the Zoning Code where a gasoline service station has already used the maximum allowable sign area permitted by the Zoning Code.
(Ord. 1977-32. Pased 5-19-77.)