130.01   Application of Title XIII
   130.02   Definitions
   130.03   Classification of offenses
   130.04   Common law offenses abrogated
   130.05   Rules of construction
   130.06   Limitation of criminal prosecutions
   130.07   Requirements for criminal liability; voluntary intoxication
   130.08   Culpable mental states
   130.09   Organizational criminal liability
   130.10   Personal accountability for organizational conduct
   130.11   Attempt
   130.12   Complicity
   130.13   Presumption of innocence; proof of offense; affirmative defense
   130.14   Battered woman syndrome
   130.15   Delinquency adjudications deemed convictions
   130.16   Criminal law jurisdiction
   130.17   Disposition of unclaimed or forfeited property held by Police Department
   130.18   Imposing sentence for misdemeanor
   130.19   Multiple sentences
   130.20   Apprehension, detention, or arrest of persons on bond
   130.21   Self defense: limitations on duty to retreat prior to using force
   130.99   Penalty for Title XIII
Statutory reference:
Mayor’s Court generally, see R.C. Chapter 1905
Municipal Court generally, see R.C. Chapter 1901
Trials, Magistrate Courts, see R.C. Chapter 2938