111.01   Definitions
   111.02   Certificate of public convenience and necessity required
   111.03   Application for certificate
   111.04   Issuance of certificate
   111.05   Liability insurance required
   111.06   License fees
   111.07   Transfer of certificates and licenses
   111.08   Suspension and revocation of certificates
   111.09   Taxicab driver’s license
   111.10   Application for driver’s license
   111.11   Examination of applicant; motor vehicle operator’s permit required
   111.12   Police investigation of applicant; traffic and police record
   111.13   Consideration of application
   111.14   Issuance of license; duration; annual fee
   111.15   Display of license
   111.16   Suspension and revocation of license
   111.17   Failure to comply with federal, state and municipal laws
   111.18   Vehicle equipment and maintenance
   111.19   Designation of taxicabs
   111.20   Taximeter and display of rates required
   111.21   Number of passengers allowed
   111.22   Articles left in vehicles
   111.23   Vehicles from other municipalities
   111.24   Receipts
   111.25   Refusal of passenger to pay legal fare
   111.26   Solicitation, acceptance and discharge of passengers
   111.27   Open stands; use
   111.28   Taxicab service
   111.29   Manifests
   111.30   Records and reports of holders
   111.31   Police department; duty to enforce chapter
   111.32   Disposition of vehicle license fees
Traffic Code, see Title VII
Statutory reference:
Power to establish taxi stands and fix rates, see R.C. § 715.25
Power to regulate, see R.C. §§ 715.22 and 715.66