96.01   Definitions; applicability
   96.02   Failure to comply with law enforcement order; fleeing
   96.03   Duty upon approach of law enforcement vessel
   96.04   Flashing lights prohibited; exceptions
   96.05   Siren prohibited; exceptions
   96.06   Regulations for operation of powercraft of more than ten horsepower
   96.07   Restrictions on child operators; duty of supervisory adult
   96.08   Reckless operation; maintaining sufficient control; wakes restricted
   96.09   Unsafe conditions
   96.10   Marking of bathing and vessel areas
   96.11   Mooring prohibited in certain areas
   96.12   Operating under influence of alcohol or drugs prohibited
   96.13   Implied consent
   96.14   Incapacitated operators prohibited
   96.15   Water skiing confined to ski zones
   96.16   Observer required when towing skier
   96.17   Water skiing after dark prohibited
   96.18   Personal flotation device required for towed person
   96.19   Ski jumps prohibited
   96.20   Permit for special water events
   96.21   Sale of single celled inflatable vessels prohibited
   96.22   Sitting, standing, walking on moving vessels restricted
   96.23   Engine warm-up required
   96.24   Personal flotation devices for children under ten
   96.25   Operation without personal flotation devices prohibited
   96.26   Distress signal or flag required
   96.27   Anchor requirements
   96.28   Specification for fire extinguishers
   96.29   Backfire flame control device required
   96.30   Ventilation requirement on powercraft
   96.31   Abandonment of junk vessels or outboard motors
   96.32   Exhaust muffler required; noise levels; exceptions
   96.33   Safety equipment on rental vessels
   96.34   Capacity plate
   96.35   Littering prohibited
   96.36   Dwellings; sanitary systems
   96.37   Prima facie evidence of negligence
   96.38   Requirements for operating personal watercraft
   96.39   Numbering
   96.40   Registration
   96.41   Tags indicating expiration date; attachment of identification number
   96.42   Altering of serial numbers; false information prohibited
   96.43   Accident reports
   96.44   Enforcement
   96.45   Firearms offenses; signaling devices
   96.46   Tampering with navigation aid or vessel prohibited
   96.47   Certificate of title; exceptions
   96.48   Manufacturer’s or importer’s certificate
   96.49   Prohibitions relating to certificates of title
   96.50   Permanently displayed hull identification number
   96.99   Penalty