An authorized enforcement official may suspend or revoke a land disturbance permit and/or suspend any land disturbance activity, by following the procedures in title 16 of this Code, if:
   A.   Conditions at the site vary from those shown on the approved plans;
   B.   Construction does not conform to the approved plans, time schedules, or conditions of the land disturbance permit;
   C.   The work does not comply with applicable ordinances, rules, regulations and standards;
   D.   The site is left in a condition hazardous to the public or to the adjacent properties, and the land disturbance permit holder does not comply with reasonable requirements to correct said conditions;
   E.   The land disturbance permit holder does not comply with reasonable requirements to safeguard the workers, the public, or other persons acting in a lawful manner;
   F.   The land disturbance permit holder, in connection with the operations for which the land disturbance permit was issued, fails to operate equipment properly on public roads; allows material to encroach into, obstruct, or be deposited within a public road right-of-way or within a drainage channel in a manner not authorized by said land disturbance permit; or causes unauthorized obstruction or diversion of drainage channels;
   G.   The land disturbance permit holder fails to have a qualified, City approved inspector working under the supervision of a civil engineer on the site during operations, when so required by the land disturbance permit, or fails to have the work under proper supervision;
   H.   Emergency conditions exist on the site, which constitute a threat to health, safety or public welfare, whether or not caused by the actions of the land disturbance permit holder; or
   I.   The land disturbance permit holder has been issued a notice of violation and has failed to correct the violation within the time specified. (2001 Code § 81-6-040; amd. Ord. 12-10, 4-25-2012, eff. 7-1-2012; Ord. 19-12, 2-27-2019)