A.   No Limitation: Nothing herein is intended to limit or prohibit the enforcement of this Code or other applicable laws through civil or criminal process where the City has determined that enforcement of the procedures outlined in these sections will not result in effective redress, where there have been repeated violations of the provisions of this title, or where the severity of the violation warrants redress through civil or criminal action.
   B.   Sanctions Available: The following sanctions shall be available to redress violations of the provisions of this title:
      1.   Issuance of a notice of violation or citation;
      2.   Revocation or suspension of land disturbance permits, conditional use land disturbance permits or plan, or other approvals issued by City;
      3.   The placement of requirements for corrective action on land disturbance permits, licenses or other entitlements issued by City as a condition of the land disturbance permit, license or entitlement;
      4.   Requiring the responsible permit holder to post a bond, irrevocable letter of credit, or other adequate security to ensure compliance with the provisions of this title or other applicable laws;
      5.   Withholding of permits, certificates or other forms of authorization pertaining to any land where there exists an uncorrected violation of this title;
      6.   Issuance of a stop work order.
   C.   Penalty: Violation of any of the provisions of this title shall, upon conviction, be punishable as a Class B misdemeanor.
   D.   Other Remedies; Remedies Cumulative: The City shall have such other remedies as are and as may be from time to time provided by State law or City ordinance for the violation of any provision of this title. Remedies shall be cumulative.
   E.   Level Of Sanction Determined: At the time of issuance of a notice of violation, the enforcement authority will determine the appropriate level of sanction and will provide written notice to the responsible person of the proposed level of sanction and the reasons therefor as outlined herein.
   F.   Multiple Violations: Where multiple violations have occurred or are occurring, each violation of the provisions of this title or other applicable laws is subject to a separate sanction. The City may take into account the number and severity of violations in determining the type of action to take against the offending party. (2001 Code § 81-6-020; amd. Ord. 19-12, 2-27-2019)