2-6-3: CRITERIA:
Although the city is under no obligation to respond to any proposal for support from a third party charitable or educational service entity, the city publishes the following minimum criteria for any such proposal:
   A.   The city finance department shall inspect the system of accounts and other accounting systems and protocols being used by the third party tax exempt service entity for the ability to accurately track receipts and expenditures, and only when and if the finance department is satisfied with such systems will the finance department initial a proposal so indicating.
   B.   The proposing entity agrees in writing that the city may audit the books and records of the entity at least once each year with reasonable notice and during normal business hours, and that the officials of the entity will cooperate fully and freely with the city auditors in this regard. If the entity has no formal place of business, such books and records shall be brought to the city's offices for audit.
   C.   The proposing entity shall have a track record of successfully employing city resources or the similar resources of other governments to achieve measurable positive results.
   D.   The proposing entity shall demonstrate how the requested assistance will further advance established city goals or plans, and shall provide and describe a tracking mechanism to objectively demonstrate the actual advancement of city goals or plans through the use of the requested city resources.
   E.   The managing persons of the requesting entity shall have the training and experience needed to effectively and efficiently manage the proposed activities. (Ord. 10-08, 2-24-2010; amd. Ord. 19-53, 12-11-2019, Effective at 12 noon on January 6, 2020; Ord. 20-38, 9-30-2020)