A.   Appointment Of Chair And Vice Chair: The mayor, without the advice and consent of the city council, may appoint, from among the committee members, a temporary initial chairperson at the time a committee is created. Thereafter, at one of its regular meetings in January of each year, each committee shall elect one of its own members to serve as chair and another to serve as vice chair. The chair and vice chair shall each be appointed for a one calendar year term, or until their successor is appointed, whichever time is longer.
   B.   Appointment Of Other Officers: In like manner, other officers may be elected or temporarily appointed. (2001 Code § 2-6-105; 2009 Code § 2-1-5; amd. Ord. 10-08, 2-24-2010; Ord. 19-16, 4-10-2019, Effective at 12 noon on January 6, 2020; Ord. 20-38, 9-30-2020)